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Core words vocab for Spoken and Exams with Meaning, Flashcards and PDF, Set 2

Essential English Vocabulary, Daily words English to Urdu with Flashcards and PDF.

Here is a list of vocabulary words with meaning and flashcards that will help you to improve your Writing, Speaking, Reading and Listening skills. These words are entirely helpful for the preparation of academic and competitive exams. This core words vocab series will also help you in your preparation for The GRE Tests , TOEFL , IELTS English Language Test , CSS, PMS, FPSC, NTS, UMSC, BPSC, SPSC Etc. You can also improve your spoken ability by remembering these essential words through use them in daily life conversation.

Core words vocab for Spoken and Exams with Meaning, Set 2

 coastline ساحل
 deter روکنا
 devise ویسا
 expertise مہارت
 fracture فریکچر
 impair خرابی
implementلاگو کرنا
 limb انگلی
 migraine مریض
 optimism امید ہے
 peculiar مخصوص
 proficient ماہر
 quest تلاش
 ridge ریز
spouseشریک حیات
 thrust زور
 tolerate برداشت کرنا
 biosphere بایو گراؤنڈ
 bizarre عجیب
 Celsius سیلسیس
 coarse موٹے

Core words vocab for Spoken and Exams, Flashcards, Set 2


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